more health insurance leads

more health insurance leads

What You Can Do to Generate More Medical Insurance Leads for Your Business  

Health insurance entails a leading issue among many Americans. With this time of year generally allowing Americans to enroll in health insurance plans, businesses relying on more health insurance leads can capitalize on the seasonal demand. Instead of wasting time and resources searching for people interested in talking about their health insurance options, BrokerCalls can provide you with quality health insurance phone leads

What are Health Insurance Leads?  

When people or companies look for medical insurance coverage, they typically find insurance agents to facilitate the coverage. Health insurance leads entail finding these potential customers and providing them with various health plan options for their consideration. 

At BrokerCalls, health insurance leads generation involves our team weeding out the confident customers to finish a medical coverage plan. This process means you spend time speaking to more health insurance leads and less time guessing at which the client may be ready to move forward with a plan.  

It’s important to remember when we pass along health insurance phone leads, the customer is looking to feel reassured they are speaking to an industry professional. The more knowledgeable you are with your phone and medical coverage offerings, the more likely the customer will follow through on your service. Remember, we will only ever provide you with phone leads that have the potential to add profit to your business.  

How to Get Phone Health Insurance from BrokerCalls  

Do you find you are dedicating more time to cold calling clients that aren’t ready to commit to finalizing their medical plans? When you let BrokerCalls help you generate medical insurance leads, you will better allocate your resources to only interact with interested clients.

You tell us what type of clients you are interested in speaking to, and we’ll provide verified consumers. When a client shows interest, our team will talk with them first and learn more about their medical needs, income, location, and other important information. If the client pre-qualifies, we will pass them onto you as part of your medical insurance leads generation strategy.  

Motivated Prospects  

It’s important to remember there is a wide variation of insurance options. Our team of experienced screeners can help you find prospective customers that are interested in any of the following types of insurance:  

  • Medicare supplement  
  • Catastrophic  
  • Point-of-service plans 
  • Limited benefits plan  
  • Discount medical card  
  • High-deductible plans  
  • Health care sharing  

Simply let us know if there is a specific type of client you are looking to attract, and our team will pre-qualify more medical coverage leads that will help grow your business and keep your team busy.  

Contact BrokerCalls to Get Quality Health Insurance Phone Leads  

At BrokerCalls, we commit ourselves to help our clients garner medical insurance leads that will help them grow their business. We take the time to learn more about your business’s details to present you with viable solutions for health insurance leads generation. To learn more about our process and how we can help you and your company, please call us today at (855) 268-3773. You can also contact us on TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn.


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