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What Is a Call Transfer?

Pay-per-call marketing leads are a performance-based sales tool that can significantly boost your sales by providing quality live transfers. But what is meant by a call transfer? How does it work? BrokerCalls offers live transfers of calls generated through our lead generation service. These calls or leads are transferred live to your business. In other words, a call with a customer on the line and the call is transferred to your business through the call-tracking software we provide.

Cold Transfers vs. Warm Transfers

So, what’s the difference between cold transfers and warm transfers? A cold transfer is generally a call passed on to a business by an automated system, meaning there is no information on what the person may be calling about or if they would be eligible for the services they are calling from. A cold transfer is basically a “blind” transfer because nothing is known about whether the person on the call or lead is a potential customer or not.

On the other hand, a warm transfer is a call sent through to a business after basic information has been collected. This process usually involves either a person talking to the potential customer and finding out what they are looking for or a more sophisticated automated system that can better categorize the nature of the call. Warm transfers are calls with background information, interests, and other relevant information collected before transferring the call to a business.

Are Warm Transfer Calls Better?

By knowing more about a caller’s information, especially regarding a service or product, warm transfers will greatly help place the call with the correct recipient. For example, suppose a caller is actively seeking private health insurance for themselves and their families with a middle-class income level. In that case, the caller can be transferred to a private health insurance provider with the types of insurance plans that best fit their needs.

Warm transfer phone calls offer a more personal approach to lead generation b2b, saving the information gathered and then passing it on to the business that receives the lead so that customers don’t have repeat information and feel more like valued customers.

Having the required information before a warm transfer also helps speed the entire process of converting a lead into a sale, making it more profitable as your sales team spends less time gathering information and moving directly to motivated customers.

The Benefits of Warm Transfer Calls for Your Business

Your business can benefit from warm transfer vs. cold transfer calls. It will save you time and lead to better ROI, especially if you pay for each call you receive. It also reduces customer frustration because customers don’t have to repeat themselves and a happier customer is more likely to buy from your business because they feel more valued.

Having a potential client be transferred to the correct department on the first transfer from the lead broker will save several departments time. Warm transfer leads offer better customer service, and good customer service is essential, especially when the service is something the customer will have for a long time, such as insurance. Setting the right tone for your business is like having a welcoming mat that shows your potential customers that you care about them, thereby helping with your sales and ROI.

Get the Most Out of Warm Transfer Calls

Produce the best warm transfer leads by partnering with BrokerCalls as your lead broker. The type of call transfer leads your business generates is extremely important. With BrokerCalls, you can increase your agents’ productivity, improve the turnaround of customer queries, and improve customer service – ultimately helping enhance your sales and ROI from this type of performance marketing. Please give BrokerCalls a call today at (855) 268-3773 to learn more about our pay-per-call advertising campaigns. You can also contact us through our social media channels such as TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, and Instagram.

Sean d'Oliveira
Sean d'Oliveira
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