Off-shores transfers

Off-shores transfers

Top Reasons to Avoid Using an Off-Shores Transfer Call Center

Understandably, business owners remain vigilant for a way to cut costs. The problem becomes finding the right places in your company where you can accomplish it. Although there are certain areas you may be able to cut back on, your potential and current customers may notice. One of the areas customers will definitely see a drop-off in involves using an off-shores transfers center to route phone calls from clients interested in your services. If you elect for off-shores transfers, there is a strong possibility you may end up with off-shores call transfers problems that could cost you potential revenue.

Keep reading to discover potential problems that could arise if your business decides to outsource its lead generation efforts to off-shore companies.

The Leading Off-Shores Call Transfer Problems

Many business owners are unaware of the off-shores call transfer problems that they can create if they decide to utilize this option. Here are some top reasons why we believe you should steer clear of off-shores transfers call centers:

Reduction in customer satisfaction

When you work with an off-shores transfers call center, you cannot interact with the people fielding your calls personally. Therefore, there is a disconnect when it comes to the call center personnel having a clear understanding of the goals that you have for your business. This can transfer over into the correct information not being provided to a client, leading to a negative experience.

Lack of knowledge about your company

For any call center representative to supply more information to a potential client regarding the goods or services you provide, they must have a complete understanding of your business. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to be able to relay that to a team that is off-shore.

Security concerns

One of the common off-shores call transfer problems revolves around security concerns. Unfortunately, there is an increased risk of tampering or confidential information being exposed to the wrong people when you use this option.

Surprise costs

Although off-shores transfer companies may seem appealing, the reality is that there are often hidden costs associated with their contracts. These hidden costs could result in you losing money instead of gaining money with new business.

Lack of control over monitoring

When you hire a company that monitors and transfers calls for you, you must have total and complete trust in that company. This trust is something that can be difficult when the company is off-shore. Additionally, you may find yourself at a disadvantage in communicating with that team if they happen to be in a different time zone.

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