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Find Quality Roofing Leads Today

As a roofing contractor in 2024, finding high-quality leads can be challenging. There’s a lot of competition in the market from lower-quality lead generation programs, making it difficult to find leads with motivated homeowners looking to do roof work. One solution is to leverage pay-per-call lead generation. This approach can work very well to drive targeted, higher-converting calls to your business this year. Please keep reading to learn more about how this lead-generation approach for home service companies can be beneficial.

The Benefits of Pay-Per-Call for Roofing Companies

With pay-per-call, you only pay for inbound calls routed to your business. It’s performance-based pricing, so you’re no longer just hoping your fingers those online ads produce results. Instead, payment is triggered by a specific outcome: in this case, a phone call from a homeowner looking to replace their roof or gutter system.

Because lead generation companies get paid per call, it incentivizes them to produce better-quality prospects for you. Pay-per-call companies like BrokerCalls access consumer data and intent signals to understand interests and needs. This allows for highly targeted marketing campaigns to be deployed through various channels. As high-intent consumers enter the funnel and engage further, they connect seamlessly with your business. The transparency and alignment created through pay-per-call make it effective.

Higher Homeowner Intent With Pay-Per-Call Leads

Unlike general website traffic, the inbound calls have additional intent qualifiers. Pay-per-call lead gen firms use demographic filters, contextual targeting, and conversion optimization to connect your business with motivated prospects ready to take action. This results in higher prospect-to-opportunity conversion rates than alternatives.

When you answer these calls, they are homeowners who have expressed interest in new roofs, roof repairs from storm damage, replacing gutters, and so forth. They have a need that you can solve with your services. This makes them more likely to convert and allows your salespeople to have higher-quality first conversations.

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More Cost-Effective Than Many Forms of Online Lead Gen

Because of the performance pricing model based on actual calls, you have greater transparency into marketing costs and the ability to calculate your ROI per call/customer acquired. When surveying local roofing contractors, we have seen them reduce their cost per acquisition when strategically leveraging pay-per-call solutions. While the typical cost per click from Google Ads and Facebook continues rising, pay-per-call has remained stable by leveraging exclusive call distribution partnerships, providing scale. This pricing efficiency and transparency also offer better lifetime value for each customer.

Find a Partner in Generating Quality Roofing Leads

In today’s digital marketplace, inbound phone calls present businesses with higher intent customers than typical website traffic. Pay-per-call solutions allow roofers to tap into this by triggering targeted phone calls from these warm prospects. With greater transparency into marketing performance and more motivated homeowners on the line, it’s an effective model to drive quality leads this year. Reach out for help designing an optimal pay-per-call strategy for your roofing business in the year ahead.

Pay-per-call lead generation has emerged as a cost-effective method for driving targeted, high-quality phone calls to roofing contractors and home improvement businesses. Instead of paying for generic website traffic or traditional online ads, pay-per-call allows companies to pay only for qualified inbound calls that route to their business. This performance-based pricing incentivizes networks to connect your business only with motivated homeowners ready to explore roof replacement, gutter installation, and other related projects.

The leads coming into your business through pay-per-call partners go through multi-stage qualification checks before landing on your phone lines. First, demographic and property data ensure leads match ideal customer criteria. Then, confirmation of interest in specific services like roof repairs or new roofing materials occurs through contextual surveys and questions to gauge need and intent. This process produces a higher prospect-to-opportunity conversion rate over alternatives.

Pay-per-call networking filtering does the lead qualification work for you, sending your business the best potential customers who have indicated interest and, therefore, are much more likely to convert upon initial contact. This efficiency allows roofers to provide better customer lifetime value as well. Please contact BrokerCalls at (855) 268-3773 or visit us on FacebookLinkedIn, X, or Instagram for more information on generating quality roofing leads for your business.

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