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Are Pay-Per-Call Leads Worth the Cost for Solar Companies?

As a solar company, generating home services high-quality leads is crucial for driving sales and growing your business. While many lead-generation strategies for solar businesses exist, pay-per-call marketing has gained popularity. With this model, companies purchase leads involving consumers interested in going solar by calling a tracking phone number. But are these pay-per-call leads worth the often hefty costs? Let’s explore some potential pros and cons on Solar Leads generation..

Benefits of Pay-Per-Call Leads

Solar companies using pay-per-call marketing can experience numerous benefits to their business, including:

1. Interested and Sales-Ready Prospects 

When you purchase pay-per-call leads, you theoretically get prospects who have already taken the first step by calling to learn more about solar. This could mean they are further along in the sales funnel and more sales-ready than colder leads.

2. Measurable ROI

Unlike some lead gen tactics, pay-per-call leads provide an obvious cost-per-acquisition metric you can analyze. This lets you calculate your ROI and decide if the price point makes sense for your business.

3. Exclusive and Non-duplicated Leads 

Reputable pay-per-call networks aim to sell each lead exclusively to just one solar company, avoiding duplicated leads that create conflicts.

Potential Drawbacks of Buying Solar Leads

Buying calls for solar can only be easy with the proper process. Potential pitfalls for finding the wrong leads include:

1. High Cost Per Lead 

In some markets, pay-per-call leads for high-value services like residential solar can cost $100+ per lead. This high price point means your sales team must have strong conversion rates to make it profitable.

2. Lead Quality Concerns

While the leads should be “interested,” many solar companies have reported cases of low-quality leads – people who were simply curious about solar but had no intention of purchasing. Thorough vetting of the lead source is crucial.

3. Compliance Issues 

There have been reports of unethical pay-per-call providers using false “limited-time” offers or misleading ads to generate insincere caller leads. Working with a fully compliant vendor like BrokerCalls is essential. Our compliance team ensures all solar calls generated meet industry standards to help our clients avoid potential drawbacks.

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Making the Choice for the Right Solar Leads

There’s no definitive right or wrong answer on whether pay-per-call solar leads are worth it for solar companies. It depends on multiple factors:

  • Trusted and reputable lead source
  • Proven ability to convert leads at a high rate
  • Having a firm grasp of your solar business’s economics
  • Calculating acceptable cost-per-acquisition based on lifetime customer value

Pay-per-call leads may be a valuable part of some solar companies’ marketing mix when appropriately executed. For others, the costs may be too high or the lead quality too inconsistent.

As with any lead source, solar companies should approach pay-per-call cautiously. Thoroughly vetting potential vendors, analyzing conversion data, and continually reassessing lead costs vs. customer lifetime value is crucial. Pay-per-call leads could be a worthwhile investment when the numbers pencil out favorably. When they don’t, cutting ties may be a wise move.

Partner With BrokerCalls to Find the Best Solar Calls

For solar companies looking to capitalize on the power of pay-per-call solar leads, partnering with an experienced provider like BrokerCalls could be advantageous. BrokerCalls specializes in generating exclusive and qualified leads of homeowners who have expressed interest in installing solar through their call tracking and lead generation platforms. 

With a focus on regulatory compliance and consumer privacy, BrokerCalls aims to deliver high-quality solar calls at competitive rates. Our analytics tools allow solar businesses to optimize their campaigns for maximum ROI. With a vast network of media partners, BrokerCalls claims the ability to drive call volumes and connect solar companies with prospects actively researching the switch to renewable energy. Please contact BrokerCalls at (855) 268-3773 or visit us on FacebookLinkedIn, X, or Instagram for more information on generating exclusive solar calls for your business.

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