cold transfers and warm transfers

cold transfers and warm transfers

The Important Distinctions Between Cold Transfers and Warm Transfers

When a client has a question regarding a good or service, they want an answer at their convenience. Typically, when a customer gets to the point where they feel as though they have to reach out to you for a specific explanation, they want to speak with someone who can help them on the spot, which is when cold transfers and warm transfers come into play.

One of the top mistakes that businesses make involves maintaining a call setup that includes transferring clients to multiple people to solve the problem instead of streamlining phone calls to keep their clients happy. Therefore, to ensure your clients have a pleasant experience during every interaction, you must develop an understanding of cold call transfers and warm call transfers.

What Are Cold Transfers?

Cold calls or cold transfers can be extremely frustrating for any client. Any customer will tell you that they want a fast answer to their question. When they need to spend countless minutes (or even hours) asking their questions over and over again, they may give up entirely and look to another business that can better accommodate them.

A cold transfer consists of a representative answering a phone call and simply transferring the client to a person in the department that the client needs. This puts the client in the position of explaining their question again and raises the possibility of not being transferred to the right person that can help them.

What Are Warm Transfers?

Warm transfers add a personal touch to the interaction that you have with your clients and also promote a better sense of teamwork within your company. During a warm transfer, before the client is transferred to the next person, the representative performs a series of warm calls to other team members to ensure the client will be transferred to the right person. Once that person is located, the representative will introduce and pass the client along to that person.

How Warm Transfers Can Benefit Your Business

When you’re putting together a lead generation strategy, you always want to be conscious of how you field phone calls from interested leads. If a client realizes your team is working together in such a way to see to their needs quickly, there is more of a chance that they will trust you and move forward with the good or service you are selling.

Reach Out to BrokerCalls

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