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PPCWhy SEO Is the Foundation for All Digital Marketing

SEO plays a significant impact in nearly every digital marketing strategy, including pay-per-call advertising. SEO will help you fine-tune and zero in on the types of clients you would like to hear from. This is one of the main reasons why you must have a quality SEO strategy in place as you begin to develop your PPC plans.

Creating an Integrated SEO and PPC Strategy

Creating an integrated SEO and PPC strategy is something that can take a fair amount of research. The first part of the process is narrowing down your target audience and learning more about what that audience is searching for. At that point, you will better understand the steps you have to take to capitalize on your PPC strategy.

How SEO Benefits PPC

SEO can benefit a PPC strategy because you will develop a focused approach to the audience you are looking to market to. With this critical information in hand in terms of what your audience is looking for, you can precisely tailor how you formulate your PPC campaign.


With a quality PPC ad campaign, you will likely see an increase in your website traffic. After a person looks through your campaign, they will be interested to learn more about what your company has to offer and be more inclined to click through to your site.

Track How Many Users Come In

An essential aspect of any PPC campaign is the results. A top benefit of this type of marketing is that you will be able to track how many users came in so you can judge whether or not the campaign was successful and what may need to be changed.


It’s imperative that while you are developing your PPC campaign, you put an SEO plan in place that is relevant to your audience. This will also help to focus the ad and improve your chances of success.


One of the best benefits of incorporating your SEO and pay-per-call marketing strategy is that it provides you with more visibility on search engines. Most often than not, when you perform a search, the first handful of results that come up are for ads. Therefore, you must develop a pay-per-call ad strategy that will immediately capture your audience’s attention.

Sharing Keyword Data

Keyword research is critical not only to a successful PPC campaign but to your SEO strategy in general. Many people will incorporate the keywords they have used on their website into their pay-per-call marketing campaign because it helps them focus on the clients they are looking to attract.

However, if you notice that your PPC ad isn’t gaining as much traction as you thought it would, doing a PPC ad campaign gives you an excellent opportunity to take a second look at your current keywords and see where you can make some changes.

A/B Testing PPC Ad Copy for SEO Content

Based on the results that you get from your PPC ad, you may want to incorporate new keywords into your overall SEO content. Not only do you have the opportunity to change the wording in your PPC ad, but you can also add those changes to the content on your website, which could boost your overall traffic to your site.


If you notice that your PPC ad is falling flat, you can redevelop your approach through retargeting. Whether you scrap the ad altogether or simply fine-tune certain aspects of it, retargeting your strategy can help open you up to other marketings and an audience that you may have wanted to reach in the past but weren’t able to. Keep in mind that this is one of the reasons why tracking the success of your campaign is critical.

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