TCPA compliance

TCPA complianceWhat Is TCPA Compliance?

The TCPA, also known as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, was put in place to ensure consumers aren’t consistently bothered by marketing telephone calls they do not want to receive. Believe it or not, there was a day and a time where a telephone may ring off the hook throughout the day from marketers that were looking to garner your business. The TCPA  was implemented to prevent this, so consumers weren’t constantly inundated with annoying phone calls throughout the day.

Comply With Confidence

Several steps can be taken to ensure that TCPA compliance is strictly adhered to. Ensuring that your information is accurate and updated is critical. Taking the extra action to verify all of the contact information you have gathered can save you time and money and help maintain compliance with the TCPA.

Overview of Rules

To ensure you remain with TCPA compliance, you must understand the main requirements of this act. They are as follows:

Be Conscious of the National Do Not Call Registry

If a person has opted to be added to the National Do Not Call Registry and you decide to call them anyway, you could place yourself in a position to face substantial fines and penalties. Being conscious of this list and whether a number has been placed on it is essential.

Avoid Recordings or Simulated Voices

When a person picks up the phone, they expect to speak with a live person. The reality is that to ensure that TCPA compliance is maintained, the best thing to do is to avoid artificial voice calls unless you receive written consent ahead of time.

Be Aware of the Time and Day

The TCPA mandates that marketing phone calls can only be made during certain hours of the day.  Permissible calling times vary by state.  Many states also prohibit marketing calls on Sundays and certain holidays.

Screen for Phone Number Changes

The FCC recently launched its Reassigned Numbers Database (RND) which allows callers to query whether a phone number has been permanently disconnected or reassigned since the consumer provided consent.  Calls to reassigned numbers are frustrating to consumers who did not request them and are a waste of time and money for marketers.   Using the RND is not required, but the FCC is strongly incentivizing marketers to use it by providing TCPA safe harbor for calls made to reassigned numbers that were queried and received a result indicating that the number had not been reassigned.

What We Do

The BrokerCalls team is always conscious of remaining within TCPA compliance when we seek leads and provide them to our clients. Our primary focus is on helping you build and grow your business by providing leads interested in moving forward with your services now. Instead of spending countless hours on the phone speaking with people who may or may not be ready to move forward with what you have to offer, we help you narrow down your window by putting together a lead generation strategy that will get you the type of leads that you want generate.

“We focus on providing quality TCPA compliant leads to our customers through a rigorous vetting procedure and continuous monitoring through our in-house QA team.  We can only succeed when our customers succeed,” said Chesney Brooke, BrokerCalls’ QA and Compliance Officer.

How BrokerCalls Does It

BrokerCalls takes a personalized approach to lead generation strategy. We take the time to understand the goals of each one of our clients, and we are conscious of developing a lead generation plan that will give them the results they’re looking to achieve. When you work with BrokerCalls, we will provide you with leads that you can respond to on your own terms.

When you receive leads from us, you have the option to field these calls in real-time. If you decide to go this route, our team will transfer calls to you once they have gone through a screening process. Taking these calls in the moment can help to keep a potential client interested and give you a better opportunity to close the deal.

With years of experience in the industry, BrokerCalls understands the importance of maintaining TCPA compliance. We always go the extra mile to ensure compliance when developing a list of leads for you. For more information, please reach out to us today at (855) 268-3773. You can also reach out to us through social media using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


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